Can't find username password on PayPal

Unfortunately, we can't do much to assist. It seems that PayPal had changed their page layout.

The fastest way to resolve this issue is to cancel your subscription on PayPal and re-subscribe via our website.


To cancel, please go to the last payment made to us in your Paypal history and click ‘view the related s-xxxxxxxxxx’.


Or click on the link "See details in classic site" and then on ‘view the related s-xxxxxxxxxx’.


Or click on the link "Manage My Expat Network Ltd. payments" and then on ‘view the related s-xxxxxxxxxx’.

You can cancel from here.


Let us know when you resubscribe and we can refund your payment or partial payment if applicable.




Please visit


Select payment plan


Then enter your payment details. (Credit/debit card or Paypal)

and click on CHECKOUT


You will find your VPN-username on the install page.

Initial VPN-password is the same as the account password.

You can change it by choosing Change VPN password option in Subscription overview.


Once the subscription has been created, please choose the adequate installation guide:


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