How to set up VPN Profile on a iOS iPhone or iPad without using the App

There are several countries that you can subscribe to, and each of the VPN clients have a slightly different name, however the installation instructions are relevant to all of the countries listed below.

MyExpatNet - United Kingdom

MyExpatNetUS - United States

MyExpatNetAUS - Australia

MyExpatNetCAN - Canada

MyExpatNetPREM - All countries premium service

In this particular example we will be using the UK Service details in the images.

Configuring your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to use the My Expat Network VPN service

Ok lets get you up and running. Before you know it you'll be watching your favourite UK TV shows, unblocking Facebook to catch up with friends and family, safe in the knowledge that you have secure internet access to our servers.


Where it states pp-username and paypalpassword use the Paypal generated username and password that was given to you during your subscription sign up for the My-Expat-Network service.

 Step One

On the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch go to Settings> General > Network

On the Network settings page scroll down to the bottom and select the VPN button.

Configure a new VPN connection by selecting the Add VPN Configuration... option.


Step Two

You should see the VPN information page. Ensure that you have chosen L2TP connection. Fill out the fields with the information below:

Description: MyExpatUK (this can be anything you like)
Account: pp-username
Password: paypalpassword
Secret: poikilo
Send All Traffic: ON

If you have signed up for another country service you need to set the VPN server address  to be:

US Service =

Canada Service =

Australian Service =

Once you have entered all the required details, select Save in the top right of the screen.


Step Three

You may have noticed that a new VPN option has appeared in your General Settings under WiFi. This is where you can turn your VPN connection On and Off.

When you are successfully connected to the My Expat Network VPN service you will see the little blue VPN icon in the top of your screen. Simple really!


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    Where is the generated Pay Pal account i didn't received it!

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    I have gone through all my configurations for iPad and they just won't work.

    the only connection now working is on my iPhone and I need  several attempts to connect.

    please advise how I may connect with iPadmini...I am based in Hong there a new alternative configuration I can use???

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    Your VPN is blocking access to tv stations

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