Can't access BBC (Mac)

Please use Safari browser only to access BBC

For accessing BBC, just please do the following:
- connect to VPN
- start Safari
- clear browsing data and cookies
- access BBC iPlayer website
- Sign-in
- watch the program


If you did not register with BBC here is how to do that:
You don't need TV license.
You will need to provide your date of birth, email, password, gender, country (select United Kingdom), and UK postcode (you can use this site to generate one:

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    William Scott

    Thankyou clear browsing data and cookies made my day

    William Scott


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    diane howes

    I have been an expat subscriber for many years but am now unable to play any videos of bbc or itv - it happened two days ago - not happy. Please help. I’m working on a MacBook Air - same computer for few years.

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