Can't access BBC (Windows)

For accessing BBC, just please do the following:
- connect to VPN
- start your internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge...)

- clear browsing data and cookies
- access BBC iPlayer website
- Sign-in
- watch the program


If you did not register with BBC here is how to do that:
You don't need TV license.
You will need to provide your date of birth, email, password, gender, country (select United Kingdom), and UK postcode (you can use this site to generate one:

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    I've been trying off and on for over 2 weeks to access BBC with no luck.  When I connect the dialogue box opens but it just keeps running for as long as I have it open but it never connects.  I've never had this problem before and nothing has changed in my setup.  I've tried unplugging the PC, restarting the PC & opening and closing the app but nothing is working.  Help!

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    I am registered with the  BBC.  What I meant was that I cannot connect to the BBC.  The connection box just keeps going but will not connect me. I've never had a problem before.  This just started one day and has persisted ever since.

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    Nemanja - My Expat Network

    Judy, please contact Support via       

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