It says "GUI is already running" but I can't access TV channel (Windows)

​Here you can find instructions on how to use our software.

1. Double click StreamVPN desktop icon
If you get error message "GUI is already running" this means that the software is started but not connected.
Small StreamVPN icon will appear in the system tray (hidden icons near your computer clock... remember to click the small up-arrow let to the clock to reveal hidden icons)

2. Go to small StreamVPN icon (hidden one), click it, select United Kingdom (primary) and then CONNECT

3. icon will turn green (meaning that you are connected)

4. Start EDGE browser

5. Click CTRL+H, click three dots ("More options") -> Clear browsing data 

6. Select ALL TIME from time range, and check, and check all except Passwords and Autofill-form-data -> Clear Now

7. Now you are ready to access any UK TV channel


Once you're finished with watching, please do the following:

1. close the Browser (Internet explorer)

2. click small StreamVPN icon (hidden one)

3. select United Kingdom (primary) -> DISCONNECT

4. then click small StreamVPN icon again and in the bottom line select EXIT

Now you are ready to turn off your computer.

Let me know if you need more assistance or info.

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