The icon on my Mac is in a constant state of ‘Connecting’ but does not actually connect/stays yellow/orange/amber

Please make sure the application has been moved from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder

The VPN client should be installed with you as the as Admin user. Can you confirm this?

If not you need uninstall and re-install as an admin user.

If you still have a problem please send the log. Click on the small icon copy and paste the detail in to an email or send a screen shot. We can then take a look.


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    paul anderson

    On my Laptop PC (Windows 7) Myexpatnet is in a constant state of "connecting" but does not actually connect. Icon stays amber. In hotels myexpatnet workf fine, on the oilrig I am currently on it does not work. I have attached at log of the "connecting" window

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    Hi Paul,

    You've basically got a network firewall on the Oil Rig that isn't letting the client on your PC do its initial connection to the UK based servers, hence the constant 'connecting' attempts.

    You'll need to ask who ever is in charge of your internet connection on the Oil Rig to allow connections over port 1194, as that is the network port the VPN client uses.

    When you stay in the hotels they are obviously not blocking this port on their in house networks.

    Hope that helps!

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    Wayne Bradley

    Ca not get a connection today on any of my devices, what could be the problem thanks

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    Maria Minardi

    horrible customer service


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    Geraldine Drew

    I agree with Maria Minardi,  still cannot connect as instructed and still  getting absolutely nowhere.  Now you have lost a customer I will be looking for another provider.

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