Set up Sabai Router, Roku Streamer and VPN

If you have purchased the Sabai Technology VPN and a Roku streamer please find below the main steps to set up with the My Expat Network VPN. Please note it is important to do in the sequence below;

1. Subscribe to the VPN service

Subscribe to either the PC, Mac and Router or the Multi-Use service and using the ID and password given by Paypal login and download the OVPN config file. This will automatically
be saved in your Downloads folder.

2. Install the Sabai Router following the instructions provided, but these are the key steps

Connect the Sabai Technology VPn router to your internet ISP, usually connecting to an ADSL modem.

Turn on the router establish an internet connection.

Login to the router, go to the “Network” Tab, then “Open VPN” and upload the OVPN config file and start the VPN connection.

Go to “Gateway” and select VPN as your default

3. Open a Roku Account and connect your device

Every Roku device needs to be "linked" to user's account at 
Important: You must create the account from a computer BEFORE starting activation of Roku device.

Roku will ask users for a payment method and billing address and uses it to select apps/channels available through Channel Store ie those available to UK or US or Canadian account holders. In order to setup a Roku account that is "compatible" with UK or US or Canadian channels you need to select "United Kingdom or United States or Canada" as country and use Post/ZIP code of your actual billing address. Don’t worry nothing will be charged to this account unless you purchase a channel, but most are free.

If your device still does not show UK or US or Canadian channels (depending on your preference) then you'll need to create new account, do "factory reset" and "link" device to that new account.

You can check the account is correctly created by the currency symbol that shows “Your account balance is £0.00”

Then connect the device to your TV, switch on and follow the on screen instructions. 

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