Existing client who wants to Upgrade to our new Multi-Use Service ?

To upgrade to the new Mult-Use package please cancel the current subscription.

This be done via your Paypal account. Please go to the last payment made to us in your Paypal history and click ‘view the related s-xxxxxxxxxx’. You can cancel from here.

Then uninstall our existing software and do a PC/Mac restart before resubscribing and installing new software. If you are upgrading from a mobile subscription you can simply delete the VPN Config.


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    Amanda Webb

    I want to cancel my subsription and resubsribe to the multi use one however i pay my monthly charge by credit card. How can i canel please?

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    Peter Hutchings

    Dear M-E-N Ltd,
    Good Day, - I have started a new account with you for multi use devices at £7/m. I have installed successfully onto three devices, PC+iPad+iPhone. I'm now trying to deal with my laptop (Mac Book Air).
    I have cancelled my old PayPal subscription. Unfortunately I can't seem to uninstall the original VPN that I got from you almost two years ago. There is no "installer" app/programme that I can open/run to allow me to uninstall. I have tried right clicking on the icon in the top button bar, but no menu opens.
    I have tried moving the downloaded app from my downloads folder to the trash but it won't. Though I can move the icon to other folders, but it doesn't make any difference really.
    Please advise how I can remove it before I can install the new one.
    Kind regards
    Pete Hutchings

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