New Multi-Use Service for Flexible use of Your VPN

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our Multi-Use service to allow you complete flexibility for your connection method. 

Our Multi- Use Service is a unique single subscription to allow any combination of three devices/machines to connect at any time , PC,Mac, Tablet/Mobile and/or Sabai Router* .

In practise this means you can load the service on to any number of devices, however, we will allow up to three devices can connect at once.


a) The software can be loaded on to three PC's and they can all connect at once; or three Macs or set up on three mobile devices.

b) The software can be loaded on to more than three machines but only three devices can connect at anyone time.

c) You can load the software onto PC's and Mac's and set up on Tablets and or Mobile phones. Any combination, however, only three connections are allowed simultaniously.

*What is the Sabai Router? The Sabai Router will give you a UK internet connection via WiFi throughout your home. We collaborate with Sabai Technology to promote a range of VPN Routers please go to our shop to see the full range of routers and accessories. This gives you the ability to extend the UK IP location, to access IP restricted content and websites using any device within your household, including Smart TV, Games Consoles, Roku, and Apple TV. In summary, Sabai Technology's VPN wireless routers utilises your My Expat Network VPN service to create a home UK VPN network.

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    Keith Morrison45

    I have a new lap top and want to connect through this one also, how can I do this

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    Andy Haddock

    Hi, I am having problems connecting my new ipad mini to my account, can you please tell me if there is a limit to the number of devices I can use on this account. At present I am using one I pad and my iphone but I have now purchased a ipad mini. can I still use this on this account?

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    I am also having problems connecting my new IPad Mini 4 to the VPN. I currently have a connection on a laptop and an ordinary iPad. 

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