ITV asks for Confirmation of Location

ITV has launched a new version of ITV Player that now asks you to confirm your location. This is not an issue that is specific to VPN but has been introduced as ITV is histroically regional and some programs are not supposed to be available nationwide in the UK. Please do not be concerned this is ITV covering itself, as it needs to make a reasonable effort to ensure it meets its contractural obligations to the program makers.

To solve the problem , can you first clear your browser cache and remove all cookies, ( you can google how to do this), next connect our VPN, then revisit ITV Player and decline the auto location, instead entering a valid UK post code. You should only need do this once as on subsequent visits your new UK location will be remembered.

Should various programmes i.e. Coronation Street, Emmerdale on ITV Player ask for your postcode, just enter the same postcode you used before.

If you don't have a UK postcode to hand try SE1 9LT ( This is ITV's post code)

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