Set VPN manually on iPad/iPhone


On the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch go to Settings> General > Network

On the Network settings page scroll down to the bottom and select the VPN button.

Configure a new VPN connection by selecting the Add VPN Configuration... option.

You should see the VPN information page. Ensure that you have chosen L2TP connection.

Fill out the fields with the information below:

Description: StreamVPN-UK (this can be anything you like)
Account: VPN-username
Password: VPN-password
Secret: poikilo
Send All Traffic: ON

If you need to set a connection to another country service you need to set the VPN server address  to be: (please do not copy-paste server name - type it)

United States =

Canada =

Australia =

Germany =

France =

Sweden =

Norway =

The Netherlands =

Spain =

Italy =

Denmark =

India =

Once you have entered all the required details, select Save in the top right of the screen.


You may have noticed that a new VPN option has appeared in your General Settings under WiFi. This is where you can turn your VPN connection On and Off.



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    Caitriona Birkenheim

    I am unable to install

  • 0
    Sue holwell

    Spent nearly an hour trying to log in but each time my password is rejected. When I click onto the password reset (at least 6 resets) the same thing happens and I’m going round circles without any likelihood of resolving the issue. As an experienced computer user I find the whole system too complicated. However there were no problems when you accepted my money.  I need to resolve this as I’ve not been able to use this service since was allegedly activated. 

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    Jennifer Pilkington

    im very sorry to say i have not been able to install. you have taken my money now i need you to contact me to help me install. 

    please advise


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