Set VPN manually on Windows Mobile device

Note that this doesn't work on Windows Mobile 8 and 8.1


To create the L2TP connection, navigate to Start -> Settings

Then choose Connections

In the Connections options select Add a new VPN server connection

In the next window enter the following information:
Name: StreamVPN-UK (this can be anything you like)
Host name/IP:

And ensure that VPN Type is selected as IPSec/L2TP

If you have signed up for another country service you need to set the Host name/IP to be:

US Service =

Canada Service =

Australian Service =

Then click Next

In the next window select the option for A pre-shared key

Enter the word: poikilo

Then click Next

In the next window fill out the fields with the following information:

User name: VPN username

Password: VPN password

Leave the Domain field empty.

Then click Advanced...

In both the TCP/IP tab and the Servers tab ensure that the options selected for both are: Use server-assigned IP address

Once you've checked, then click ok and on the next screen click Finish

The VPN service the connection can be started manually, from Start -> Settings-> Connections -> Connections-> Edit my vpn servers.

Tap and hold the MyExpatUK connection to bring up a Connect option.

You should see a Connection bubble appear linked to the back and forth arrows at the top of your screen.

To Disconnect

Select the arrows on the top bar to manage connectivity.

In the window that pops up click on Disconnect

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