When I go to an online TV website I cannot get access.

You need to access with the relevant App, some mobile devices don't have Flash Player installed so using the website URL won't work. Take a look at our www.my-expat-telly.com website where you can find links to relevant mobile Apps.

Please note you will need an UK Apple or Android store account and the location on your mobile device should be set to UK

If you have an existing iTunes/App Store account and wish to get UK Apps from overseas, or need to create a new UK account you can do so by following :


  1. – Open the Settings app on your iPad. 
  2. – Tap on the entry for iTunes & App Stores in the left sidebar. 

  3. – Tap on the very first entry on the iTunes & App Stores page – the one that says Apple ID and shows your ID 

  4. – You’ll get an Apple ID popup dialog. Tap on the View Apple ID button. 

  5. – Enter your password when prompted. 

  6. – Once you’ve signed in with your password you’ll see the Account Settings screen next. Tap on the bar labeled Country/Region – and select the location you want your ID to be associated with.

    Users manual if you need to change to UK iTunes store:http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-tips-tricks/ipad-tips-how-to-change-your-itunes-store-location/


Other solution is to create new iTunes account (needs to be done on PC or Mac):

1 - sign out of your existing iTunes account

2 - click on any Free application

3 - click on Create new account

4 - follow the instructions but be sure you select UK as country

and for payment method select NONE.

 Then please use this new iTunes account on your iPad to download UK applications (ITV app)



For Android OS:

1. Turn off Location service

2. Reboot your Android device

3. Connect to VPN (using our VPN application or manual VPN connection)

4. Open Google Play Store and download TV application you need.

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  • 0
    Lucy Griffith

    That's find for iphone users, but how about Andoid? I'm being blocked out of UK based applications on Android Play Store. Any suggestions?

  • 0
    Frank Conlan

    These instructions don't work don't waste your time

  • 0
    janet clair merrigan

    Wasted so much time, very bad instructions and has not worked, how do we get a refund?


  • 0
    Barrie Pennington

    why all this? it used to work. I am doing nothing different but now I don't know if I am using old passwords which i have or the new one or what. You set it up for me last time after I waisted so much time and got myself completely confused and now this month its the same.



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