Have you upgraded to Yosemite 10.10?

Our developers have made the changes needed in order for the client to work with the new OS Yosemite and previous OS versions.
However existing users who upgrade will need to change a setting to be able to connect. The symptoms following the upgrade is the client will try and connect and then will disconnect immediately.
The fix for this for existing Mac user who upgrade is as follows:
Start the Expat Client
  • Click on the icon on the top bar
  • Select VPN Details
  • Select the Advance Option
  • In the Advance Section deselect the Flush DNS Cache Option.
  • Close the window and connect.
If you've tried this fix and you still can't connect, and you've tried to re-install the application:
- Quit the MyExpatNet application from the top of your screen
- Open Applications folder from Finder
- Find MyExpatNet application, and if it has number at the end of filename (e.g. MyExpatNet-1 or MyExpatNet-2... ) rename it to MyExpatNet 
- Open the application
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