I have downloaded and installed the software but still cannot connect?

Please ensure you have moved the software from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder

The VPN client should be installed with you as the as Admin user . Can you confirm this? If not you need uninstall and re-install as an admin user.

If you still have a problem please send us a copy of the log. Click on the small icon copy and paste the detail in to an email or send a screen shot. We can then take a look.

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    i have been able to use it but when i log off i loose all the configuration info. server address, account name everything. i can't remember everything that went into it and the guide does not go into enough detail to help. 

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    Hi there,

    The Mac client (and PC for that matter) doesn't require you to enter any details at all as they are all built in.  It should just be a case of downloading the client, double clicking on it to install it in the Applications folder and then it will automatically run. A little globe will appear in the top right of your Macs computer screen in the menu and from there you can connect, disconnect and quit.

    If you're having problems with your install then please put on a support ticket where we can help you further.

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