AVAST put MyExpatNet file to the Vault

The problem is with new Avast update, which makes false positive detection.

There is no virus in our file.

Please uninstall MyExpatNet software, and then follow the installation procedure again:

Please visit our download page depending on your subscription type:


In the middle-right part of the page, enter ID and password provided by PayPal. If you don't have ID and password you can obtain it via your PayPal account:


To obtain your ID and password

Login to your paypal account

Click on "view all transactions"

Click on my expat payment "details"

Click on relates to "Sxxxxxxxxx"

Here you will see the ID and password


When you download the installation package, run it and follow the installation guide:





When you finish the installation and start your VPN connection, blue and green icon should appear in the system tray.


Now you can visit our webpage: www.my-expat-telly.com where you can find a list of available channels.


During the install, your A/V will prompt you to allow this software to access the net and you should choose option to Allow and remember this option.


This should resolve the problem. 

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