Windows 8 network bug

If you are experiencing connection difficulties with Windows 8, and despite getting a little green connected globe you still cant access country based content we may have a weird fix for you to resolve it.

It appears there is a network bug in Windows 8 which can cause VPN connection difficulties on some machines.

As I mentioned the workaround is quite odd, but it works!

To get the VPN connection to work normally apparently you have to just open the Ethernet Status or Wireless Status window in your Network Connections control panel... that's it.

So go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections and then double click on the network adapter you are using for your internet connection so that it opens up and shows you the connection status. You don't need to make any changes or edit anything, just have that window open!

You should now be able to use open your MyExpatNet VPN and connect as normal, without getting all those odd tun/tap routing issues.

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