I get authentication failed when I try to connect on my PC or Mac

The line AUTH_FAILED it could be due to a problem with your subscription being cancelled or some of config files being corrupted


Please reinstall the software:


​Uninstall your currently installed StreamVPN and MyExpatNet application from Control Panel ->Programs and features
If they are not uninstalled/deleted automatically:
- Uninstall TAP-Win32 adapter from Control Panel ->Programs and features 
- if exists, delete folders C:\Program Files (x86)\My Expat Network
C:\Program Files (x86)\StreamVPN


Then install new version:

Log in to our system with the your email address and password

Click on INSTALL and choose Windows icon to download the application.

Follow closely the installation guide: 




1) Delete ALL StreamVPN.app and MyExpatNet app files from the Applications and Downloads folders

2) Delete the StreamVPN and MyExpatNet folder from Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support

3) Delete the StreamVPN and MyExpatNet folder from Macintosh HD/Users/username/Library/Application Support


Last one is a hidden Library folder so you access it by being in the Finder (basically just click on the desktop), clicking on Go in the top menu and then holding down the Option key on the keyboard to make Library appear in the drop down menu. Select Library and then go to Application Support and delete the StreamVPN folder


Once those are deleted, empty the bin, do a restart and you can install new version.

Log in with your email and password on




Click on Install

Select Mac OSX icon to download the software


The download will automatically start in your Downloads folder.


Drag it into Applications folder.


Follow closely the installation guide: https://www.streamvpn.com/guide/mac-os-x-multi-country-installation







If you like I can connect to your computer via TeamViewer and re-install for you


To download TeamViewer QuickSupport please use this link (no need to install, just run the application):



If your Mac has Mojave OSX (10.14) or later: please allow Team Viewer and Team Viewer desktop access:

- System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Accessibility

(click the lock, enter the password, and check the box in front of TeamViewer)

- System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> ScreenRecording

(check the box in front of TeamViewer)





Then please send via this email Team Viewer ID and password (marked as YOUR ID and YOUR PASSWORD, on Team Viewer window). They will automatically be assigned to you by Team Viewer, you don't change them or enter new ones




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    Beginning I have problem with authentification when first started

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    I have new iPad air,and I can not log in .
    MSG :aut failed

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    Trevor John Giddings

    I am paying £5 per month and have been for sometime, I have NOT changed my password but I cannot log in to my account. I have a new iPad and want to use it for watching programmes on BBC a when I am abroad and I cannot find the password or secret word on the instructions because I CANNOT LOG IN TO MY ACCOUNT. I have asked for an email from you because somehow my password has been changed , I have done this 5 times and still haven't had an email from you so that I can do that. I am absolutely FED UP.

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    convertible car seat reviews

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    Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81. For those who are looking for a non-digital rice cooker that can handle up to 8 cups of rice the Stainless Steel Rice Cooker is the perfect choice. This rice cooker has no Teflon or other chemicals to make it nonstick, the inner pan and the vegetable steamer tray are pure stainless steel. THis is helpful if you’re paranoid about chemicals leaking into your food or worried that the non-stick coating will peel off.

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    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Review | Best Rice Cooker Reviews

    ac/_/i/_ih_6_-_cuckoo_ih_pressure_rice_cooker_6_cup_-_crp-hf0610f_silver.jpg.png" width="279"/>|

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