I am unable to connect and my connection icon shows a red arrow.

It could be that your payment hasn't been received and your subscription has been cancelled by Paypal. This could be due to a card expiring, lack of funds etc. Please check your subscription is still active by logging on to your Paypal account and going to the history tab.

If the subscription is cancelled, when you have resolved this issue with Paypal, uninstall our existing software, restart your machine and then resubscribe/install as you did last time.

If this doesnt work please send us the connection log and we can check the connection is working. Click on the small icon to reveal the log.


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    Katie Underwood

    My payment has been made, the application has been installed successfully on my mac but the arrow is constantly red and it states:

    MyExpatNet was unable to start OpenVPN to connect United Kingdom. For details, see the log in the VPN Details… window

    The window just shows that i tried and failed to connect. Please advise how I an resolve this matter.


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    Hi Katie,

    Please submit a support ticket where we will be able to look over your logs and track down the issue you are facing.

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    Christine Walker

     the icon has had a red arrow for almost a week.  Log says unable to connect to UK.

    No problems with payment.  I have been promised remote support but when I submit log on and password as requested nothing has happened


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