I am being asked for a login and password to download the VPN client?

When you subscribed through Paypal you were given a unique login name and password. This can be found by logging into your Paypal account and looking at the details of your subscription to My Expat Network. Use that name and password to allow access to the VPN Client download.

Login to your paypal account

Click on "view all transactions"

Click on my expat payment "details"

Click on relates to "Sxxxxxxxxx"

Here you will see the username and password


If you have New style PayPal layout, please;

- find a transaction made to My Expat Network LTD. and click on it

- click on the link "See details in classic site"

- click on the subscription number S-xxxxxxxxxxx

- Here you will see the ID and password

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    jimmie leach

    I'm Jimmie Leach not James, you ask for a password check on an account in July 21 2012 , My Expat Network was not open in 2012, it was open in Feb. 2014, so why are you asking me for a password for some one else back in 2012.

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