When I try to connect my PC it says ‘Connection to My Expat Network Failed’

Please double click on the small icon on the bottom right of your screen, this will show your connection log.

You can send us a copy of your log using the submit a request option.

We can then have a look at what is going on.

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    allyson nichols

    how do i send you a copy of the log. There are no options and it wont let me copy and paste

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    When the little window appears telling you 'Connection to My Expat Network Failed' don't click the OK button as this will close all your windows, simply move it to one side.

    Highlight the text that is in the Log window by clicking and dragging, then once its is all highlighted press the Control button and 'C' on your keyboard to Copy the text.

    Open a text editor programme like Notepad or Word and paste the text into that.

    If you find for whatever reason you can't highlight the text then you can always take a screen shot using a progamme like the 'Snipping Tool' with the log window open and send that through to us.

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