Speed problems and advice (Windows/Mac)

The connection to our UK servers from your location is subject to traffic on the internet, which can hit roadblocks along the way. Data through a VPN tunnel is also encrypted for maximum security, which slows things down a little. The speed you get is only as fast as the slowest connection on route. Very slow speeds are usually temporary and can change a bit like the weather.  

Our servers are never running at more than 70% of capacity and we constantly monitor usage, and bring new servers online when required. 

To stream video you will need around 500kbs but at 400bps you should be able to download from iPlayer reasonably quickly, listen to radio and use Skype. Channel 4 on Demand uses a quicker system for streaming and you might want to try their service. 

You can test your connection speed at : http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk 


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    I want to use my old Mac Mini (Pre Intel) on which I understand I can download Mac OS 10  4.  Will I be able to download your program and obtain satisfactory transmissions of UK TV services. 

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