How do I cancel my subscription? (PayPal created subscription)

You will need to do this via your Paypal account


To cancel, please go to the last payment made to us in your Paypal history and click ‘view the related s-xxxxxxxxxx’.


If you have New style PayPal layout, please; 

- find a transaction made to My Expat Network LTD. and click on it

- click on the link "See details in classic site"

- click on the subscription number S-xxxxxxxxxxx

- Here you will see the ID and password


if instead of "See details in classic site" you can see "Manage My Expat Network Ltd. payments" click on this link.


You can cancel from here. 

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    Charles Gault

    I am stopping my Subscription of my account effected today. Transaction code as follows 2LA39774NE4581256. My email address is I enjoyed the professionalism and support was fantastic Charles Gault

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