Looking for a service thats avoids the need to hook up your PC/Mac or tablet to the TV?

There are several options:


1. If your Smart TV has full Android OS (with Google PlayStore) you can install our VPN app directly and watch the channels via their apps

2. You can install our service on PC, Mac or Mobile device and connect it to your Smart TV via HDMI cable

3. You can purchase Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV/ Fire Cube and install our service on it

4. You can purchase VPN router and any device connected to VPN router will have instant VPN access

             1. InvizBox: https://www.invizbox.com/invizbox-2-my-expat-network/?l=44 

             2. Sabai Technology VPN router: https://www.streamvpn.com/vpn-wifi-router 


Please note the above should not be viewed as an endorsement. The information above is provided only to assist you in getting the most out of your VPN service.  


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