Looking for a service thats avoids the need to hook up your PC/Mac or tablet to the TV?

We’re often asked if there are alternative ways to watch programmes on your TV, without all the fuss of cables to hook up your PC/Mac/Mobile to your TV.  And we are delighted to tell you, that yes there is!

My Expat Network has teamed up with Sabai Technology to bring you a range of VPN Routers which will work brilliantly with all of our subscriptions.

The Sabai Router gives you a local Internet connection via WiFi throughout your home. This will give you the ability to extend the preferred IP location, and access to IP restricted content using any device within your household, including Smart TV’s, Games Consoles, Apple TV and Roku.

We suggest combining this service with a Roku box which means you can watch programmes directly on your TV without the need for cables and best of all it has a remote control! So if you are looking for a great alternative to satellite TV this is it!

Roku is a fantastic bit of kit! Simply put, Roku is a Video Streaming Player with its own channel selection that connects wirelessly to your TV via your WiFi network.

If you combine both the Sabai VPN Router and the Roku, you have the ultimate streaming service!
You’ll be able to switch on your TV and watch your favorite shows all from your armchair, without having to load your computer or Internet Connection separately.

Once you have the hardware simply follow the instructions provided by Sabai to retrieve the VPN configuration file from the My Expat Network Login page for your country or service and then upload to the router.  Finally, follow the instruction provided by Roku to hook up the Streamer and its channels to your TV. Please ensure that you set up your Roku account with the VPN on and using a payment mechanism and address from your home country to make sure you can see the channels you want eg UK address to see the BBC etc 

Purchase the Sabai Router here;



Roku information and purchase here;


Subscribe and retrieve the VPN Config file here;

UK Login


UK Login Multi-use Service


US Login


US Login Multi-Use Service


This is not all, please review all our packages:



Please note the above should not be viewed as an endorsement. The information above is provided only to assist you in getting the most out of your VPN service.  


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