Reinstall software on Mac (subscribed via PayPal)

1) Delete ALL files from the Applications and Downloads folders
2) Delete the MyExpatNet folder from Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support
3) Delete the MyExpatNet folder from Macintosh HD/Users/username/Library/Application Support

Last one is a hidden Library folder so you access it by being in the Finder (basically just click on the desktop), clicking on Go in the top menu and then holding down the Option key on the keyboard to make Library appear in the drop down menu. Select Library and then go to Application Support and delete the MyExpatNet folder

Once those are deleted, empty the bin, do a restart and you can install new version.
Log in with the ID and password provided by PayPal:

In the middle-right part of the page, enter ID and password provided by PayPal and select MAC OSX as Download Type. If you don't have ID and password you can obtain it via your PayPal account:

  • Login to your PayPal account
  • find the last payment transaction made to My Expat Network Ltd.
  • Click on the link "Manage My Expat Network Ltd. payments"
  • Click "manage pre-approved payments" (bottom left of the page)
  • find My Expat Network Ltd. on the list and click
  • There you can find Username and password.

Select Mac OSX as Download type.

The download will automatically start in your Downloads folder.

Drag it into Applications folder.

Follow closely the installation guide:


If you like I can connect to your computer via TeamViewer and re-install for you

To download TeamViewer QuickSupport please use this link (no need to install, just run the application):

Then please send via this email:

1. Team Viewer ID and password (marked as YOUR ID and YOUR PASSWORD, on Team Viewer window). They will automatically be assigned to you by Team Viewer, you don't change them or enter new ones

2. the username and password from your subscription to our service

To obtain your username and password
Login to your PayPal account
Click on "view all transactions"
Click on my expat payment "details"
Click on relates to S-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Here you will see the username and password

If you have New style PayPal layout, please;
- find a transaction made to My Expat Network LTD. and click on it
- click on the link "See details in classic site"
- click on the subscription number S-xxxxxxxxxxx
- Here you will see the ID and password

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